Matthew Stafford Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

After winning the Super Bowl last season, the Los Angeles Rams have not had a similar level of success this year. In fact, the team was even eliminated from playoff contention on Monday night with three games still remaining on their schedule. The poor season had some wondering if star quarterback Matthew Stafford would consider retiring after the season, but the quarterback had a pretty blunt response about that.

During an appearance on his wife Kelly Stafford’s podcast after Monday night’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, Matthew Stafford was asked if he is retiring following the season. And he pretty quickly said that he is not.

“A lot of people are asking this, which I already know the answer to – retirement, are you retiring?” Kelly Stafford asked on the podcast.

“Oh, no,” Matthew Stafford said.

“Okay, thank you,” Kelly Stafford responded. “I say it, but no one listens to me. But I feel like coming out of your mouth… I think people are really asking it because I’ve been so emotional on this podcast. So there you go.”

While it has been a “humbling” season for the Rams, according to head coach Sean McVay, the team and its fans can at least rest easy knowing their star quarterback will be back next year.

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