Micah Parsons

Over the past two seasons, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons has emerged as a legitimate star as one of the most dominant defenders in the entire NFL. But as it turns out, he has some of the same daily struggles as the rest of the world.

This week, Micah Parsons voiced a little frustration on his Twitter account, complaining that the price of his haircut was too expensive. He even suggested that he was considering growing his hair out.

“My barber upped his house call price to 200!!! I might grow an Afro now!” Parsons Tweeted.

Parsons’ complaint drew a little bit of backlash online with many people blasting an NFL star for complaining about the price of a haircut, but Parsons defended his statement a few days later, explaining that he “came from nothing” and that he wears a helmet the whole game anyway.

“Man I don’t mean too knock no one’s business or what you do and I meant no disrespect to barbers! I’m making a simple not on what do you put value too! If I was a model hell yeah my appearance matter but I am a football player!! I wear a helmet the whole game!” Parsons said in a Tweet. “No one is at home wondering how I look under my helmet!! And also value I grew up on 10/20 haircuts ! I come from nothing man! I still value on what it took me to get here! I ain’t never pay for nothing more than I used to pay!! That just the real in me!”

We may not all be NFL players, but most of us have experienced the pains of an expensive haircut.

[Micah Parsons]