Micah Parsons Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout nearly every level of football, it’s widely known and accepted that defensive players are generally not supposed to tackle the quarterback during practice – it’s why the quarterback wears a different color jersey than everyone else. But apparently, Micah Parsons is having trouble following that rule.

Apparently, Micah Parsons has hit Dak Prescott multiple times during Dallas Cowboys preseason camp, which is obviously against the rules. And he addressed the issue during a recent press conference, saying that he gets “warnings every day” but that he wants to “push towards that line” in terms of aggressiveness.

“I challenge myself and push myself to the limits, preparing myself for my mental space for where I want to be Sunday, Monday, and Thursday,” Parsons said during a press conference this weekend according to CBS Sports. “That’s my mindset. Every day is a game. Every day is to work my craft and show what I can be doing. Every day is important. I get warnings every day. But you know, I’ve always been wanting to push towards that line.”

Obviously, it’s not a huge problem unless Parsons injures starting quarterback Dak Prescott. Then, it’s safe to say that people will not be happy with him.

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