Michael B. Jordan Odell

In November 2014, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. provided fans with the highlight catch of a lifetime. Odell pulled off a stunning one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football that is burned in people’s memory banks forever.

The popular catch drew so much attention, so many memes, and so many great reactions at the time. Over eight years later, the Giants pulled together a theatrical interpretation of the catch featuring a Hollywood movie star.

Michael B. Jordan, the star of Creed III and feature star of hit movies like Black Panther, decided to mimic Beckham and his unbelievable catch to the best of his ability. The Giants even got the quarterback who threw that memorable touchdown pass to do it again. Eli Manning stood in and tossed one Jordan’s way and the result was pretty funny.

Not bad! We won’t penalize Jordan for using two hands instead of one. The fact that Odell held onto that catch in the first place was what made it so ridiculous. Considering the actor used to play Vince Howard in Friday Night Lights, it’s certainly not the first nor the last time he’s touched a football.

The video went viral and plenty had a lot to say. Reactions went across the board to the imitation of the famed catch.


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