Michael Irvin

We all remember Michael Irvin as “The Playmaker” with the Dallas Cowboys. The wide receiver was one of the best to play the game and was a wild character off the field as well. But now that he has gotten older, age has caught up with him and he needs a little help, especially with his eyes.

If you have seen Irvin these days, you notice he wears glasses when he appears on TV. On Sunday, however, he appeared without them when he was on NFL GameDay Morning. When asked about where his glasses were Irvin tweeted out a funny response.

“No, I left them at my hotel. Bro I can’t see ANYTHING,” wrote the Hall of Famer.

The Playmaker, who had some of the best pairs of eyes in football, like the rest of us, has gotten older.

NFL fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Irvin missing his glasses and, as you would guess, there were some very interesting and sometimes funny opinions.

As you can tell, fans had a lot of fun at Irvin’s expense and even Irvin himself didn’t seem to mind being the butt of their jokes.

Hopefully, Irvin can find his glasses back at the hotel and get back to actually seeing where he’s going.

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