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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints were tied late in the fourth quarter on Sunday when a massive brawl erupted between the two teams in the eventual Buccaneers victory.

After Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore got into a shoving match with Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and running back Leonard Fournette, wide receiver Mike Evans ran off the bench to defend his two teammates and shoved Lattimore to the ground.

Both Lattimore and Evans were ejected.

Afterward, Evans hilariously asked, “It’s Tom Brady. What do you want me to do?”

The NFL, however, wasn’t laughing. The League announced the one-game suspension of Evans on Monday.

“NFL suspended Buccaneers’ wide receiver Mike Evans one game for Sunday’s unnecessary roughness with Saints’ CB Marshon Lattimore,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported. “Evans was suspended one game for a previous fracas with Lattimore in 2017.”

The NFL world quickly reacted to the news:

“As if the Buccaneers don’t have enough availability issues on offense,” said Mike Clay.

“One less guy for the Packers to worry about on Sunday,” said Adriana Torres.

“Brady should cut him a check,” Ty Johnson said.

“No suspension for Lattimore. He’ll go this weekend in Charlotte,” noted Sean Higgins.

“As it should have been,” ruled Dustin Dorsey. “[He] ran off the sideline to decleat Lattimore.”

The Saints are next in action Sunday in Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers.

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