Ezekiel Elliott has been the standout running back for the Dallas Cowboys since 2016. In his six years with the team, he hasn’t had to face any competition for his starting spot. Until now.

Tony Pollard has been with the Cowboys since 2019 and while he’s been a solid backup, he’s been improving over the past year or two. So much that he has an argument to start some games over the established Elliott.

Along with having a great training camp, Pollard has given head coach Mike McCarthy a difficult decision on which back will get the top spot on the depth chart at running back for the Cowboys.

On Wednesday, McCarthy gave his answer which was…both.

It’s a bit of a copout but maybe McCarthy is serious and this is a true “running back by committee” situation. See who practiced better during the week and go with the hot hand. It might result in some inconsistency within the team while on the field but it also keeps the opposing team on their toes if they don’t know which running back is starting.

That or McCarthy really does have someone in mind as a clear No. 1 and just didn’t want to make that public. Either way, if you have either of these players in your fantasy team, good luck figuring out who’s starting.

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