Mike McDaniel

New Miami Dolphins first-year head coach Mike McDaniel is one of the youngest head coaches in NFL history. But it would seem that even though he’s just 39 years old and in the first head coaching job of his career, McDaniel has already had enough of the NFL media.

The first-year head coach’s frustration began during his press conference on Wednesday when he was asked if he was ready to announce whether or not starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa would start or play during Saturday’s preseason matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders.

McDaniel said that he was not ready to make an announcement on his starting quarterbacks’ status. Then, he went into a brief rant about having to make “announcements” in the first place.

“Tomorrow there’s a player’s birthday. I should announce that,” McDaniel said at a press conference, according to  Joe Schad. “I should announce my wife went to the grocery store, which is exciting because I’m a big snack time guy. Outside of that, oh, I would like to announce I’m very excited for practice.”

It’s not good news for McDaniel if he’s already getting tired of the NFL media. At just 39 years old, he’s got plenty more press conferences ahead of him.

[Joe Schad]