After Tom Brady decided to un-retire and return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, rumors started circulating that the seven-time Super Bowl champion might not actually end up playing in Tampa.

Those rumors got some legs when NESN’s Dale Arnold posted on Twitter that he “would not be surprised if Tom Brady didn’t play for the Buccaneers next season” and then indicated that he would go to the Miami Dolphins. Arnold later doubled down and noted that Rob Gronkowski was also keeping his options open in order to see if Brady ends up in South Florida so that they could have a reunion there.

While some people like Jeff Howe of The Athletic tried to undermine the rumors by saying “there’s nothing happening between” Miami and Tampa Bay, it remained an elusive blockbuster scenario to end what has been a truly shocking NFL offseason full of blockbuster trades.

In the days since, Bucs coach Bruce Arians has smoothed over rumors of a rift between he and Brady while plenty of cold water has been poured on this rumored trade attempt.

New Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel spoke with reporters on Monday and was asked about the possibility that the team could trade for Brady. His response was very short and very much in-line with how a certain South Florida resident might speak.

“Tom Brady?…The Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback? That’s what do you call it… fake news,” said McDaniel.

The rumor always seemed like a strange one and it’s becoming pretty clear that it was just that, a rumor. Brady has a good situation in Tampa where they can regroup and try to win a second Super Bowl in three years. Meanwhile, the Dolphins are still figuring out how to make the playoffs and will need to adjust to a first-time head coach. It never really seemed like a logical situation for Brady to force into happening.

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