Mike McGlinchey

Offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey appears to be understanding of the fact that he might not return to the San Francisco 49ers.

“Brooke and I will be waiting by the phone to hear what happens,” McGlinchey said on Bay Area’s KNBR station. “We got a lot of intel coming off the week at the combine and all that stuff of what’s going on and what we can expect to happen. Once Monday hits, I’ll have a pretty quick decision to make and hopefully be signed by the first day of free agency.”

The intel McGlinchey could be referring to was 49ers general manager saying it would be a “tough deal” for the 49ers to shell out money for both McGlinchey and left tackle Trent Williams.

Lynch added there’s a possibility McGlinchey wouldn’t get much interest, and the team could reconvene. Perhaps then, there would be interest.

The 49ers have between $8-9 million in salary cap space, so they must be selective in what they do with it.

At the combine, the 49ers met with Michigan’s Ryan Hayes who said he would love to play with Williams, and he already plays a similar offense than what head coach Kyle Shanahan produces.

While free agency officially begins on Wednesday, teams can start the negotiating process with players on Monday.

McGlinchey was the No. 9 overall pick in the 2018 draft, and has started all 75 games since he began his NFL career.

It sounds like McGlinchey will have some options.


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