While the NFL world is abuzz with discussions about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and where he might play next season, there is another quarterback who might be making some surprising waves of his own.

Mitch Trubisky. Hey, don’t laugh. Hear us out.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano wrote about the NFL free agency market and how it was shaping up. He mentions that, given the need that so many teams have at the quarterback position, there has been a lot of discussion around the former Chicago Bears starter and current Buffalo Bills backup. And he is commanding quite a price because of it.

“Teams are openly discussing whether Trubisky gets $10 million or more annually on a new deal,” wrote Graziano. “That his name is a hot one is not manufactured. It’s real.”

He also went on to specifically note that at least five teams (Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Commanders, New York Giants, and Denver Broncos) were interested.

In case you somehow missed it, Trubisky was the poster child for everything wrong with the Bears during his time there. And while you could certainly argue the team had other issues, his inability to do anything on offense made their faith in him seem insane to many watching at home. With the way things ended in Chicago, it was fair to assume he’d never get another starting job again.

On paper, however, investing in Trubisky for one or two seasons might not be the chaotic idea it sounds like, especially if you’re rebuilding and just biding your time on a rookie quarterback or looking ahead to next year’s draft for your long-term answer.

Still, the thought that, after all the hype and rumors, teams like the Broncos or Steelers could end up with Tribusky instead of Aaron Rodgers, is certainly sending a lot of NFL folks over the edge on social media.

We look forward to the scorching hot takes that will follow whoever signs Mitch for $10 million in a few weeks.


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