Myles Garrett giving a fan a jersey.

Athletes often make bold promises, but they’re not always lived up to. However, that’s not the case with Cleveland Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett, the first-overall pick in the 2017 draft. In December, Garrett tweeted that he would exchange a signed jersey for a toy dinosaur; a fan who gave him the latter tweeted Tuesday that Garrett had indeed followed through, and delivered the signed jersey in person no less:

What sort of dinosaur are we talking about here? Well…

And Garrett endorsed the trade himself:

That’s pretty cool. But why dinosaurs? Well, Garrett (whose Twitter name is “Jurassic Myles”) told ESPN’s Sam Alipour last year that’s a long-standing love for him, dating back to when he watched Jurassic Park on VHS:

“It’s just so mysterious. We find only 5 percent of these creatures that roamed and ruled the earth millions of years ago, but what we’re seeing is a glimpse into the past, and every time we dig, we find something new and more extraordinary. I want to see something nobody has seen anywhere on this earth, and my discovery is our discovery — we brought this into light. After football, I want to fund my own digs, and hopefully others will want to participate so we can share in good company as we put pickaxes to dirt.”

We’ll see if Garrett winds up funding those digs in the end. But at least he believes in dinosaurs, unlike some pro athletes. And he certainly managed to make a fan happy here.

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