The Miami Dolphins were a completely embarrassing and dirty football team in their 40-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football. The score tells you everything you need to know about the team’s football peformance on the night, but the bigger story out of the game were a couple of incidents that should result in Dolphins defensive players hearing from the league offices soon.

First, there was a vicious hit by linebacker Kiko Alonso on a sliding Joe Flacco that resulted in the Ravens’ starting quarterback suffering a concussion and needing stitches on his ear.

And late in the fourth quarter, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh grabbed quarterback Ryan Mallett by the throat and threw him away.

That certainly isn’t going to do anything to argue against Suh’s reputation as a dirty player.

And the scene also involved Miami’s William Hayes poking Baltimore’s Austin Howard in the eye:

[CBS/NFL Network]

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1 thought on “Ndamukong Suh grabs Ryan Mallett by the throat, throws him in Dolphins’ 40-0 loss

  1. Wanna know why in 2015 I stopped watching the NFL? IT occurred when “Sportsmanship” flew out of the window years ago, ‘for the love of the game’ has long since been transcended by small minded hate. Today’s players no longer believe that it is a privilege to perform athletically before tens of thousands of football fans live, plus several million more watching on television. Nope, today it is an infantile display of “ME-ISM” “I” am the “MAN” do not think about crossing “ME” or else “I” will destroy little “u.” Money, sponsorship’s, TV and sycophantic-fans drive this thing, but it starts and ends with the individual and their responsibility to behave civilly, and as an adult instead of the impetuous children we see so often in ALL of the major sports. The game has always had those types, but in much smaller doses, these days however, many more players fit that description based on what I have seen. It’s too bad that 4 years of college with a grade point requirement do not exist, then the guy’s learn at least something and do not bring such peevish thinking to the element we used to know as Sportsmanship.

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