New England brewery questions if Flacco is elite on beer cans

Is Joe Flacco elite? Let the bottom of a beer can ask the question...

Joe Flacco has won a Super Bowl, but does that make him elite? This is a question people love to ask and it’s gotten so popular you can now find it on the bottom of beer cans… if you work for the Baltimore Ravens.

A New England brewery recently sent a couple of cans of beer to the Baltimore Ravens’ practice facility this week. According to ESPN, the two cans ask whether or not Baltimore’s quarterback is elite, as do the other 12,000 or so in that canning run.

The brewery in question is Tree House Brewing Company, which claims every single employee who works there is a New England Patriots fan. How do they know this? Well, when you interview there, you get asked a simple question according to one of the co-founders, Dean Rohan.

“We ask everyone if they are a Pats fan,” Rohan said. “I know it’s not legal, but you have to be a Pats fan to be here.”

One of the packing line operators at the brewery, Andrew Pillsbury, came up with the idea. 

“I figured let’s open it up to our audience and let’s see what they think,” Pillsbury said.

It’s a funny thing to do and a way to get the conversation going once again during the dog days of the NFL offseason. It’s also a question employees at the brewery ask themselves every now and then at work.

“We go back and forth,” Pillsbury said. “In the regular season, he doesn’t look too elite. But sometimes he comes through there in the playoffs and it gives us a little scare. But we got Tom Brady, so we’re not really worried.”

Pillsbury has a right to not be worried. Brady has won five Super Bowls while Flacco has only won one. If anything, Brady is elite and Flacco isn’t. But then again, Flacco may be more elite than every quarterback in the NFL other than Brady…


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