New York Giants

The New York Giants are headed to the next round of the playoffs after a win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon, continuing an absolutely incredible season compared to where the Giants were last season. And as NFL insider Field Yates of ESPN explains, the Giants had an incredible turnaround without making any major offseason moves.

“The Giants were 4-13 last season. They signed a total 2 free agents to multi-year deals this offseason, 1 of which was a back-up QB. Their highest-paid offensive player had 6 catches all season. And yet, they’re headed for the Divisional Round. Remarkable turnaround,” Yates said in a tweet.

It is an absolutely insane change from last season for the Giants, especially considering it’s nearly the same team as last year. And the NFL world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

“This is why I hate the ‘How can the Bears possibly add a ton of wins next year’ narrative. It’s the NFL, this happens all the time. Not saying it will happen but it’s not out of possibility,” Chicago Sports podcaster Alex Patt said in a tweet.

“Coaching matters!” Jason Spears said in a tweet.

“If the Bears take this offseason seriously, then the bears should be much improved and win 9 games at least,” one Chicago Bears fan said on Twitter.

“Daboll coach of the year and it’s not even close,” a New York Giants fan said on Twitter.

Daboll has certainly done a stellar job with the New York Giants this season. But fans undoubtedly hope that the playoff run isn’t over quite yet.

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