Feb 9, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, US; Tiki Barber poses for a photo on the red carpet before the NFL Honors award show at Symphony Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could be playing with a new team next season.

That part is to-be-determined. But one team that many NFL observers see leading that still-hypothetical race for Rodgers is the New York Jets. How Rodgers would handle such a move remains to be seen, but New York Giants legend Tiki Barber, speaking on the Tiki and Tierney Show, predicted terrible things for the quarterback if he comes to the “Big Apple.”

“If he is that sensitive that he gets upset that people, reporters, opinion-makers, influencers, whoever, want to talk about him, he is going to struggle in New York. And I don’t know if it’s the right fit for him,” Barber said. “I don’t know if I want him in New York if this is going to be his reaction to things that don’t matter.

“If Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want people talking about him, talking about his offseason, talking about his personal life, talking about all these things that are going on with Aaron Rodgers, he needs to stop talking.”

Barber pointed to Rodgers’ much-ballyhooed “darkness retreat,” which he’s set to begin this week.

“When you go, and you do something that feels odd to normal society—which is going to sit in a cabin in the woods for four days in complete sensory isolation, [the media is] gonna talk about it,” Barber said. “You have to. It’s our job to. And for him to get offended by that, he’s not going to handle the intensity of the New York mediascape—that’s obviously traditional media, social and everything else—if he’s here.”

Rodgers did not immediately respond to Barber’s comments.

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