Bryce Young

Bryce Young is widely expected to be one of the first selections in the 2023 NFL Draft, probably the first or second pick.

All those projections are subject to change. A leading NFL analyst thinks that some teams may have a real concern about the Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback. NFL Media analyst Lance Zierlein, who grades hundreds of prospects each year, did a comprehensive breakdown on Young’s game Friday on YouTube.

While many skeptics have pointed to Young’s height as an issue, Zierlein expects him to measure 5-10 to 5-11. Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray have found NFL success in that range. Zierlein says teams will be more concerned with Young’s slight frame.

“It’s the frame. Forget the weight (190 pounds), it’s the frame,” Zierlein said (via “He’s slightly built. Kyler Murray is actually pretty thick in his lower half. So is Russell Wilson.

“It’s frame you worry about. If a 325-pound guy falls on you, how does your body respond to it? How do you take the beatings over the course of a year.”

A first-round draft pick of that size is unheard of in recent history. According to NFL Rookie Watch, only two of the 301 quarterbacks drafted in the past 25 years were under 5-11 and 200 pounds. Neither of those QBs went in the first 100 picks.

The Houston Texans are widely expected to select Young at No. 2 overall, although another QB-needy team could certainly trade up for the No. 1 pick to nab him. Pro Football Focus analyst Mike Renner predicts the Indianapolis Colts will trade for the No. 1 pick and pick Young.

“I don’t see how you can have, from a football-playing perspective, anyone else at No. 1,” Renner said. “The only thing that you worry about is the size.”


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