On Monday, the NFL announced that Thursday’s scheduled Cowboys-Texans preseason finale would still be played despite the devastation wreaked by ongoing flooding in Houston. The game was moved to Dallas, as it had to be, and it was announced that all proceeds from the game would go to the United Way of Greater Houston.

Tuesday, the NFL Network announced they have changed their schedule to accommodate a nationwide broadcast of the game:

Thursday’s preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans, which was relocated to AT&T Stadium in the wake of devastating flooding in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey, will be shown live on NFL Network at 8 p.m. ET

The teams announced that all game proceeds from both the Texans and Cowboys will be donated to the United Way of Greater Houston relief fund that supports the efforts of the American Red Cross and Salvation Army for Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery along the Texas Gulf Coast.

If you tune in, expect to be (understandably) bombarded with opportunities to donate to various hurricane relief organizations. In fact, turning the game into a hurricane public service announcement is probably the only way to justify playing the game at all. Texans star J.J. Watt has spearheaded a massive fundraising campaign on his own, and yesterday he spoke out requesting that if the game is played, it be played for charity; the NFL has apparently agreed.

The Texans organization has already pledged $1 million, as have the Saints, Jets, Titans, and the NFL Foundation. Watt’s campaign has raised its goal multiple times, and he’s now trying for $5 million.

Hopefully this game (and the extra attention its being given by the NFL Network) serves as a catalyst for more fundraising, as well.

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