Patriots delay of game

The New England Patriots got a gift thanks to the refs as a clear delay of game penalty was missed and resulted in a Patriots touchdown.

The play, which involved Patriots third string rookie QB Bailey Zappe throwing his first career touchdown, was supposed to be ruled a delay of game as the ball was snapped at least two seconds after the play clock hit zero. The referees inexplicably let play continue and DeVante Parker got the score to put the Patriots in the lead against the Green Bay Packers.

The NFL’s version of this clip is slightly different than what you see above. On their Twitter account, they posted the video, but edited out the portion that would indicate the referees screwed up. Either that was intentional or the person editing the NFL’s social media clips never did it before and they’re terrible.

In all seriousness, you can still hear Jim Nantz say, “They were generous there. They were generous. They didn’t beat it.” But if you didn’t know the context, it wouldn’t really register.

This detail wasn’t lost on many who pointed out that the NFL, or at least those running their Twitter account, are hiding something and trying to keep these refs looking good.


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