The kiss cam has led to many awkward and funny moments over the years, but the NFL partnered with creative agency R/GA and The Ad Council to feature the kiss cam in a more meaningful way in the newest installment of the “Love Has No Labels” campaign.

The ad starts with the videoboard at the Pro Bowl in Orlando focusing on a man and a woman before the man turns to his right to kiss his husband. From there, the video shows various loving relationships, romantic and not, human and mascot.

See for yourself here:

Here’s what the ad spot’s executive creative director Chris Northam had to say about it in the Wall Street Journal:

“We noticed that [the iconic kiss cam] was often focused on traditional notions of love. We thought, what if we could showcase a more modern take? … We hope it does cause conversation and, more than anything else, that the fans embrace this message and help spread this movement.”

The video would have been powerful anywhere, but it takes on extra significance in Orlando, where a gunman attacked a gay nightclub in June killing 49 people. In fact, one of the women featured in the video was a survivor of the attack, according to the Journal.

The whole idea behind the ad campaign, which is in its third year, is to make Americans more aware of their biases. The website has a quiz with the goal of helping people realize what biases they may have and provide resources to help reduce them.

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  1. How about faith-based “biases”? I’m fully aware of my beliefs and no earthly reeducation will change those.

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