The wounds of the Rams return to Los Angeles from St. Louis are still new and fairly fresh, and this latest move by the NFL certainly re-opened a few of them.

Orlando Pace thanked the city of St. Louis in his Hall of Fame induction speech, which is natural considering he played 12 seasons with the Rams in that city after being drafted #1 overall by the franchise, but if you were watching the version of the speech the NFL uploaded to YouTube, that mention was nowhere to be found.

The NFL apparently wised up to their mistake, as now the video has the original mention of St. Louis included:

For once, the YouTube comments are accurate:


All of the other speeches from last night, including Brett Favre’s improvised marathon that lasted 37 minutes, were uploaded to YouTube unedited. But Pace’s wasn’t, for some reason. So Deadspin did a good thing and posted the unedited video taken directly from ESPN last night; this likely spurred the NFL into action

That’s sneaky and shady from the NFL, but what else is new?


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