The LA Rams is in a bit of a pickle.

The Rams’ home uniforms are a bit of a mess. With blue and white helmets that harken back to the old LA Rams teams of the 60s, they wear a blue and gold uniform that isn’t really liked by anyone and even the team knows it.

According to the LA Times, the Rams are trying to to wear their blue and yellow 70s throwback uniform but NFL rules state that they can only wear their throwbacks up to twice per year. Despite the Rams forwarding emails and letters from fans preferring the throwbacks, the NFL turned them down when the Rams requested wearing throwback unis during their Week 6 game against the Jaguars and the Wild Card game against the Falcons.

Rams chief operating officer and vice president for football operations David Demoff confirmed that the team has been discussing with the NFL for a solution but as of now must adhere to keeping the blue and gold uniforms.

Many would say that the Rams should just design new uniforms but it’s not exactly that easy. It takes a while to bring out a new uniform from initial design to launch and the Rams are already doing that with Nike. They hope to have the new unis ready by 2019 or 2020. In the meantime, Demoff said that they’ll try and go with the away white uniform as much as possible this season.

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