During the NFL preseason, Colin Kaepernick made headlines when he refused to stand during the National Anthem. As expected, many players joined the cause prior to their first NFL regular season games.

Some players sat, some stood and locked arms, some raised their fists in the air, and some did any number of different combinations of those gestures. Despite their different ways of speaking out during the anthem, many players made similar statements during the first Sunday of the NFL season.




Not all football players and athletes in general agreed with the protests either.


Even Verlander’s fiancée, supermodel Kate Upton, spoke out for the same reasons as Verlander.



After his game, Arian Foster spoke out to people like Upton and Verlander who disagreed with him.

Overall it was an interesting first Sunday of the NFL season. Many notable players chose to protest and many others chose to simply stand for the National Anthem.

One thing is for sure after this first Sunday too- the players made a statement and it was heard.

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