The NFL is about to adopt a two strikes and you’re out rule.

Ian Rapoport of reports the Competition Committee is set to propose a rule mandating ejections when a player receives two personal fouls. The committee will announce its agenda of proposed rule changes in advance of next weeks league meetings.

The ruling would make the game safer for players, as incidents like Odell Beckham Jr.’s three personal foul embarrassment against the Panthers wouldn’t happen. The guidelines for selecting which fouls will be selected under the rule haven’t been announced, but Pro Football Talk reported earlier this month two categories were drawing consideration.

“The first category would consist of verbal abuse, taunting, and throwing a punch or a kick. The second category would be broader, with hits on defenseless players, impermissible use of the helmet, crown-of-helmet violations, roughing the passer, late hits, striking, kneeing, and kicking.”

As PFT notes, the rule change would need 24 ownership votes, which shouldn’t be a problem.

No matter how they define the illegal actions, automatic ejection is a great way to try to make the game safer. Far too often we’ve seen players act recklessly after drawing a personal foul. With the new rules, if those players choose to be dangerous on the field again, they’ll be ejected. It would be a perfectly fair punishment.

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