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With nearly seven weeks (as of now) to go until the 2020 NFL regular season begins, teams are not only getting their teams ready for the season, they have to work out how (if) they’re actually going to have these games in the middle of a pandemic.

One of the big off-the-field decisions has got to be whether or not fans can attend games. Without any specifics from the NFL, we went off what teams shared which were mostly vague but we did find out that teams are probably not going to be anywhere close to full capacity or possibly have no fans at all.

NFL PR person Brian McCarthy shared one notable rule for this fall, tweeting that fans at all NFL games will be required to wear some sort of face covering.

Granted, this is assuming fans can even attend games but it’s a good idea to require masks because she sure isn’t going away anytime soon. That won’t be pleasing to hear from some people, and it might be difficult for gameday staff to enforce given all the instances of “Karens” and whatever the name is for male Karens having hissy fits about having to wear a mask, but it’s being required in more and more states. Even in states where masks aren’t required, it’s  better to have something in place (especially for legal reasons) than not having a policy at all.

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