NFL officials during the Raiders-Bengals game in January. Photo: @WillBrinson

It’s just the first game of the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend but this may very well be the biggest talking point of the week. Near the end of the first half in the Raiders-Bengals game, a whistle was blown during a play.

As players are conditioned to do when they hear a whistle, they stopped. Problem was the Bengals kept playing, Joe Burrow threw to Tyler Boyd, who caught the ball in the end zone. Despite the whistle, the refs ruled a touchdown (even though the play should’ve been dead) and it was a massive seven points for the Bengals in a game where the refs have been rather terrible.

Other than many Bengals fans who are saying it wouldn’t have mattered, social media was livid with the sequence of events. From the play itself to the fact that NBC commentators Mike Tirico and Drew Brees took over 10 minutes to even acknowledge a whistle actually blew during the play, it was a mess all around.

[Photo: @WillBrinson]

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