The Seattle Seahawks are in a free-fall, dropping to 3-7 following a 23-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The franchise hasn’t had a losing season since 2011, Pete Carroll’s second year as head coach. And while they would go on to win a Super Bowl, play in a second one, and become a dominant franchise in the NFL for the next decade, it appears those good times may be over.

The frustrations of the season have boiled over for Carroll, who was very different at his post-game press conference than reporters are used to. Not only was he curt and short with media members, but he left after only answering one question about how this was his most frustrating season as head coach here.

“Yes. Absolutely. Not even close,” Carroll said.

He then left the podium, only to return shortly thereafter, apologizing for doing so and answering questions.

Clearly, it feels like the end of Pete Carroll’s time with the Seahawks could be approaching. It certainly seems to bring up conflicting feels for many Seattle fans and NFL fans. On one hand, the franchise is seven years removed from its last Super Bowl appearance and seems to be trending in a bad direction, with quarterback Russell Wilson having one foot out the door already. On the other hand, Carroll is the most successful coach in franchise history and has overseen the best stretch they’ve ever had.

It all leads to some interesting thoughts from NFL fans on social media about Carroll following his press conference.

The Seahawks travel to the East Coast to play the Washington Football Team this weekend. If they win there it could spark a turnaround. But the odds look good that this will end up being a losing season for the team, and with that are likely to be big changes.

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