Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen has been open about his mental health struggles and his journey to get help but anyone who has those struggles knows that it’s not something that completely goes away.

Unfortunately, that has been the case after Griffen posted a disturbing video on Instagram last night. In the video, Griffen was shirtless and posing with a gun, claiming that other people were in the house trying to kill him.

The Vikings released a statement that mental health professionals are on-site at Griffen’s home. Minnetrista, MN police released a statement that they responded to a call by Griffen around 3 am and that while law enforcement and Vikings psychologists are conversing with Griffen, he refuses to come out of his house.

This is definitely a scary situation and it’s one that puts things into perspective. The Vikings might be playing the 49ers this Sunday but that’s secondary at the moment and the team is thinking about Griffen and hoping he comes out of this okay.

The rest of the NFL world expressed similar love and prayers for Griffen as the situation is ongoing.


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