Nick Bosa Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa has suffered multiple knee injuries throughout his football career, tearing his ACL during his senior year of high school and again in 2020 during a game against the New York Jets. Bosa knows what he believes caused the injuries: artificial turf.

In an interview with NFL insider Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Bosa revealed his frustration with the NFL, saying he believes that FieldTurf is responsible for injuries throughout the league.

“The only thing is I really think FieldTurf is a problem in the NFL,” Bosa told Breer. “And the turf I played on in New York was brand new. It was super soft, and apparently, they rolled a cement roller over it twice after the game because we had two ACLs and a bunch of other injuries on it.”

To remedy this problem, the Niners’ defensive end has a very simple solution: play on grass.

“So I think if the NFL cared about our safety at all, then we’d all play on grass like top soccer teams do. So that’s kinda b.s. to me.”

The majority of NFL teams do still play on natural grass, but artificial turf is becoming more and more popular in the league because it’s easier to maintain. But perhaps the NFK could pivot to natural grass across the league if the artificial turf truly is causing injuries.

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