Many San Diego residents have come to a crossroads on how to deal with their once-beloved Chargers now that they have moved to Los Angeles. Most denizens of San Diego are now pondering their NFL fandom, and even wondering whether to continue to root for the Chargers, root for another NFL team or even watch the sport entirely. Nick Cannon, known for Wild ‘n Out as well as host of America’s Got Talent, is a San Diego resident and now has forsaken the Chargers for a new team.

Cannon told Jeff Eisenband of The Post Game this during the lead up to Super Bowl 51:

Cannon: “I’m a little hurt right now, ’cause my favorite NFL team used to be the San Diego Chargers.”

Eisenband: “Now you say ‘used to’ — you’re from San Diego, will you not be rooting for them in L.A.?”

Cannon: “They’re not the San Diego Chargers anymore! So I can’t root for ’em. But you know what? I’m also from North Carolina, so I’mma rock with the Panthers all day.”

The Panthers are seemingly more than happy to have Nick Cannon on their bandwagon:

It might behoove any NFL team to accept disillusioned Chargers fans into their bandwagon, especially famous ones, and there are going to be more stories about fans switching teams as time goes on.

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