Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles appeared to be in good shape to a secure a $1 million bonus on Sunday. Foles needed the Eagles to reach the postseason, and he needed to play 33% of the team’s snaps on the season.

Well, Philadelphia throttled the Washington Redskins 24-0, and the Chicago Bears took down the Minnesota Vikings 24-10. This put Philadelphia in the playoffs as the NFC’s No. 6 seed. So the postseason part of this bonus was achieved.

And Foles was just four snaps away from reach the 33% number… when he suffered a chest injury that forced him to leave the game. Foles didn’t return to the game and finished the season with playing 357 of 1,092 snaps, while needing 361 snaps.

That’s ROUGH.

The good news is that the injury (bruised ribs) isn’t believed to be serious, and Foles should be in good shape for the team’s playoff game on Sunday against the Bears. And before the injury, he tied the NFL record for most consecutive completions, with 25.

Maybe the Eagles will still reward Foles with the $1 million bonus (after all, he was only the *Super Bowl MVP* last season), but at the moment he hasn’t met the very unfortunate requirements.

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