The San Francisco 49ers absolutely dominated the Arizona Cardinals during Monday night’s game from Mexico City. And while the Niners were better than the Cardinals in pretty much every aspect of the game, San Francisco star pass rusher Nick Bosa reveals one thing that gave the Niners a massive edge against Arizona.

Estadio Azteca, where Monday night’s game was played in Mexico City, sits at about 7,200 feet above sea level. In order to train for the high altitude and the “thin air” players experience in those atmospheric conditions, the 49ers spent some time training at high altitudes in Colorado this week.

Bosa said the trip to Colorado really helped the team, so much so that the team actually awarded Niners team owner John York the game ball due to his willingness to spend money on the trip.

“(Owner) John York got the game ball,” Bosa said, according to the Associated Press. “For him to put us in that situation and spend the money you have to spend to do something like that is why the Niners are a winning franchise.”

Even despite the training, Bosa said playing at altitude wasn’t easy.

“It was brutal,” Bosa added. “Three full-speed reps and you’re hurting. It does get better throughout the game and I think we did a good job sticking with it.”

The Cardinals did not think it was necessary to practice at altitude during the week. And it showed on Monday night.

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