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Sunday afternoon, as the Bills-Jaguars AFC playoff game got underway in Jacksonville, photos began to materialize online of a certain former Buffalo star supporting his former team in a LeSean McCoy jersey.

As images spread of O.J. Simpson, just months after his release from federal prison, enjoying his former team’s first playoff game in 18 years, some fans jumped to the conclusion that the Juice was loose on-scene in Jacksonville. The idea of Simpson mingling with tailgaters (and potentially violating is parole in the process) proved quite alluring.

As it turned out, however, Simpson was not at the game in Jacksonville. As TMZ reported and ESPN confirmed, he was in fact at a bar in Las Vegas, watching with some other members of the Bills’ diaspora. So although he was repping the team for which he once starred, he was doing so from afar.

So what are our takeaways here? For one thing, we’ve learned (again) not to believe everything you read on the internet. For another, we’ve learned that team loyalties never die, even after 40 years, two high-profile trials and some prison time. And finally, we’ve learned that in the year 2017, there are still people out there who want their picture taken with O.J. Simpson. Fame is a powerful thing, apparently.

If you are one of these people who idolize unrepentant double-murderers, there’s still time to scoot over to Moon Doggies Bar & Grill and get your own photo with O.J. during the second half.

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