Football fans are notoriously superstitious, and since it’s the week of the Super Bowl, fans will be looking for anything to be an indicator of future success. And in this week’s example, we have a… sign on the side of the road?

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This is a sign from the side of North Carolina highway 16 which supposedly is a stone-cold lead pipe lock Super Bowl 50 prediction. This isn’t even photoshopped, because it’s very real. Denver and Newton North Carolina are about 18 miles apart taking this road, and 21 miles if you use North Carolina highway number 10.


If 20-7 Carolina is the score on Sunday, then this will become the most famous road sign in America, even more famous than Route 66 signs.

15 states have a city, township, or borough named “Denver” (excluding Colorado), 12 states have a town called “Newton”, and a couple have both, including Iowa and Illinois. In Iowa, the two towns are 102 miles apart and in Illinois they are around 208 miles apart. “Newton 70, Denver 108” isn’t a realistic football score, though.

And since you’re all wondering: yes there is a town called “Manning” in Iowa too. Its distance from Denver? 194 miles. And from Newton? 117 miles.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Newton and Manning will feel 117 miles apart on Sunday though, would it?

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