Odell Beckham Jr

It’s no secret that Odell Beckham Jr. is the biggest name available on the free agent market, but as both the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants continue to pursue the former All-Pro wide receiver, it looks like OBJ is making some headlines for all the wrong reasons.

According to a report from NFL talk show host Andy Slater, Odell Beckham Jr. caused quite a scene on his flight in Miami and had to be escorted off the plane.

“SLATER SCOOP: Odell Beckham Jr. was kicked off a plane in Miami on Sunday. Flight crew said the NFL WR was in and out of consciousness and wouldn’t put on his seat belt, I’m told. The Los Angeles bound flight was delayed after Beckham refused to leave making everybody get off,” Slater said in a Tweet on Sunday.

Beckham posted a few Tweets that appeared to be reacting to the situation, saying “never in my life have I experienced what just happened to me… I’ve seen it alll..”


It’s a pretty wild update given Beckham’s free agency situation, and the NFL world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

It’s not immediately clear how this will impact Beckham’s status with either the Giants or the Cowboys.

[Andy Slater]