It would appear that the Odell Beckham Jr. Era is over in Cleveland. According to many reports, Beckham is no longer with the team and some kind of separation from the franchise is imminent.

Things haven’t been going well between the wide receiver and the team. In six games so far this season, OBJ only has 17 catches for 232 yards and hasn’t been a common target for Baker Mayfield and other Browns quarterbacks. Amidst his frustrations, there were reports of potential trades but nothing materialized before the deadline on Tuesday.

News first broke early in the morning that Beckham had been “excused” from practice by the team.

Michael Silver reported that Brown coach Kevin Stefanski told the team that Beckham was “essentially not on the team right now and that the WR has been told to stay at home.”

Stefanski also told reporters that the team and OBJ’s agent were in the process of discussing “next steps.”

The key now is the financial aspect of their relationship as the team is not willing to waive Beckham. If he was waived, another team could take on Beckham’s owed money but that’s no guarantee. As of this moment, the Browns are fine simply storing Beckham on their roster and losing that spot.

It’s hard to know exactly where things are going to go. At the moment, it sounds like the Browns are simply going to let Beckham sit there until the season is over. However, they’d probably love to open up that roster spot if possible so perhaps a deal can be struck to make the financials work for both sides. Whatever happens, it certainly sounds like Beckham has played for the Browns for the final time.

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