Odell Beckham Jr. stares into solar eclipse

Yup, Odell Beckham Jr. is that guy. You’ve heard all the warnings over the last week about how staring into a solar eclipse without proper protection can leave a person blind.

In an apparent attempt to outdo Plaxico Burress and Jason Pierre-Paul for stupidest Giants injury ever, Beckham tossed his protective glasses aside on Monday to look directly into the eclipse.


Of course, we can’t tell for sure in the clip if Beckham is actually staring into the sun, so this could all be a joke. Not that that makes Giants fans and fantasy owners feel any more at ease.

Beckham has made some absolutely insane catches during preseason practices. He’s expected to make his preseason debut tonight against the Browns. If Beckham’s drops skyrocket this season, we’ll have a pretty good idea why.

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