Olivia Culpo attends Tuesday's opening of her second restaurant with her family. Olivia Culpo attends Tuesday’s opening of her second restaurant with her family, Union & Main, in East Greenwich. She also has a new reality show in the works and a number of partnerships and collaborations with her lifestyle brand. 01 PRINT – Culpo

Before they finally got engaged in April, Olivia Culpo was not very happy with her NFL boyfriend Christian McCaffrey.

During a recent TikTok video, the former Miss Universe winner said that she was “getting so annoyed” with the San Francisco 49ers running back following their four-year courtship.

“I tried to hint at what [ring] I wanted and he was just so uninterested,” Culpo said in a TikTok video with Amazon Live. “He was doing it on purpose. I was getting so annoyed. Honestly, my feelings were getting hurt, but he just wanted it to be a surprise, so it was absolutely amazing.”

McCaffrey finally popped the question on Culpo in April with a stunning oval-cut engagement ring with side stones that was designed by New York-based jeweler Ring Concierge.

The paramours met back in 2019 when they started liking each other’s Instagram posts and since then they’ve been a power couple in the worlds of sports, entertainment, and social media.

Perhaps McCaffrey was just waiting to move to the West Coast first, as he was traded to San Francisco last year after five-and-a-half seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

Culpo is currently in France at the Cannes Film Festival.

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