As Aaron Rodgers’ shocking interview on The Pat McAfee Show was wrapping up, the Green Bay Packers were starting their Friday coach and player press conference. Naturally, there were going to be some questions about the former during the latter. And just as naturally, head coach Matt LaFleur didn’t want to answer any of them.

“Ask something about the Kansas City Chiefs or our football team,” said LaFleur up top. “I’m not gonna answer anything else.”

That didn’t stop reporters from trying to at least get some kind of reaction from the coach. One reporter started to ask a question about ivermectin, which Rodgers implied he has taken, to which LaFleur cut him off saying, “I don’t even know what that term or word is.” When the reporter pressed how the team felt about players using alternative medicines, LaFleur said, “I have no thought on that right now. I told you guys earlier, my thought lies with our team and finding a way to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Another reporter asked if LaFleur if he was going to watch the Rodgers interview at some point, to which he replied, “Most likely, no.”

LaFleur will do his best to keep the Pakcers on track this week and for most of next week while they await the return of Rodgers from the 10-day quarantine he’s in due to NFL protocols for unvaccinated players.

For what it’s worth, the guy playing quarterback for the Packers this weekend, Jordan Love, showed up wearing a mask. Love said it was because he’s still in protocol due to his close proximity to Aaron Rodgers and Kurt Benkert. He also noted that he has been vaccinated.

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