Packers QB Jordan Love throws a boneheaded interception against the Raiders. Photo Credit: ESPN Photo Credit: ESPN

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love has largely been solid in his first season as the full-time starting quarterback. However, an interception from him in their Monday Night Football matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders left many fans completely shocked in all the worst ways.

Love attempted to throw to wide receiver Romeo Doubs in the second quarter of Monday’s game. And Raiders linebacker Robert Spillane was reading Love’s eyes every step of the way.

Spillane ended up being in perfect position to make the easy interception, which he returned all the way to the Packers’ seven-yard line.

You would be hard-pressed to see a worse throw from any quarterback all season. Doubs was in no way open on this play, as Spillane was pretty clearly standing directly in front of him.

Fans took notice of the throw and were absolutely baffled by his decision-making on this particular play.

Even if the linebacker weren’t standing directly in front of Doubs, there were a number of other defenders in the area of Doubs who would have had a chance to make a play on the ball.

Plays like this are expected of a rookie quarterback, but Love is a fourth-year player who sat behind Aaron Rodgers for three seasons. And you would expect him to know by now that this was clearly not the right decision on that play.

Love will definitely look at this play once the game is over and learn from his mistake. Unfortunately for the Packers, it ended up costing them three points, as the Raiders would go on to convert a field goal due to this boneheaded decision from Love.

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