Packers Quay Walker pushes Lions athletic trainer

Sunday’s matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions featured one of the more disgusting personal fouls in recent memory involving Packers rookie linebacker Quay Walker.

The play occurred in the fourth quarter with the Packers clinging to a 16-13 lead. Lions running back D’Andre Swift caught a pass from quarterback Jared Goff, and his leg got caught under a Packers defender.

Swift went down on the field with an apparent leg injury, and medical staff came in to take a look at him. This is when Walker lost his cool, and inexplicably pushed a member of the Lions training staff assisting Swift.

The officials also missed ablatant unnecessary roughness call on the play for a forearm to the face of Swift from Jarran Reed on the play.

Quay Walker was obviously issued a personal foul for the incident and was ultimately ejected from the game for this nasty incident.

This foul was completely unnecessary and cannot happen, and the NFL world certainly echoed those sentiments by blasting Walker for his poor decision-making.

“Quay Walker absolutely deserves to be ejected for this. 100% classless,” tweeted Doug Rush of Bleacher Report.

“This is one of the dumbest things you’ll ever see in a football game. Quay Walker shoved the athletic trainer and was ejected,” tweeted Fantasy Football Today.

“Quay Walker loves getting ejected. But more importantly, on a week like this, how do you disrespect an athletic trainer!? Just dumb, absolutely dumb. An unfathomable level of insensitivity and stupidity,” tweeted former NFL player Emmanuel Acho.

For something like this to happen less than a week after Damar Hamlin’s disastrous injury where athletic trainers immediately rushed to his aid and ultimately helped save his life is unfathomable, and Quay Walker will certainly struggle to live this ugly incident down.

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