In a shocking turn of events that weren’t shocking at all, the Cleveland Browns lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 23-10, to move to 0-13 on the season.

After the game, Adam “Pacman” Jones had some choice words for Cleveland wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

While speaking with reporters in the locker room, Jones went looking for something. It turns out he found the quote he was looking for while searching the trash can near his locker:

Jones was asked what he thought of Pryor, and said “garbage”. He then said out loud “You in there?” while looking in the trash can.

The cornerback added two more choice words:

“Pryor suck,” Jones declared.

Pacman later elaborated on what he thought of Pryor and the Browns as a whole:

“I have the utmost respect for (Browns head coach) Hue (Jackson), but certain (expletive) I don’t tolerate from young punks, really, basically. A (expletive) suburb kid that wants to act like he’s the toughest thing in the world, because he done caught a couple of balls.

“He’s just arrogant. You could see it with his teammates. Did you all not see him, when he was pushing and cussing at RGIII on the field? So I pay attention to everything. I told RGIII how the (expletive) you going to throw him the ball when he’s talking to you like that. You’re the (expletive) quarterback,” Jones told reporters.

Pryor caught just one pass in the game for a total of three yards. In two games against Cincinnati this year, Pryor made two catches for a total of 18 yards.

Earlier this week, Jones referred to Pryor as “just a guy,” to which Pryor responded with…

Pryor, meanwhile, hasn’t responded as of 11:09 pm EST on Sunday to Jones’ referring to him as “garbage.”


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