Jerry Richardson in Sept 2017.

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced Sunday night that he will soon sell the team, days after the team announced it was investigating the 83-year-old franchise-founder for “workplace misconduct.”

Sports Illustrated reported Sunday that Richardson regularly commented on women’s bodies at team offices, asked if he could shave their legs and groped them under the guise of buckling their seatbelts. He also allegedly referred to a black Panthers scout by a racial slur.

In a note published on the Panthers’ website, Richardson praised himself for bringing the Panthers to Charlotte and reaching two Super Bowls, then declared, “I believe that it is time to turn the franchise over to new ownership.” Richardson wrote that he will begin the sale process after the season ends.

Richardson is the only owner in Panthers history, having founded the team in 1995.

Richardson’s decision to sell the team likely saves him (and the NFL) from a referendum on his conduct and potential comparisons to, say, former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was banned from the NBA after being caught on tape making deeply racist comments.

Now Richardson gets to disappear (profitably), Roger Goodell gets to avoid an inevitably controversial decision, and we all get to say good riddance to an owner who was clearly abusing his power in some really disgusting ways.

Potential Panthers buyers include Oprah…


Former punter Pat McAfee…

And a random dude who got rich on bitcoin.

All sound like an upgrade over someone who throws around racial slurs and routinely sexually harasses his employees.

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