Indianapolis Colts punter-turned-Barstool Sports talk show host Pat McAfee joined The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday to discuss his career transition.

While talking about his new job, all the people he gets to talk to, and what they’re doing in their communities, he casually dropped a reference to Edgerrin James’s new “adult ballet”in Miami. Yes, that means what you think it means:

“I got a chance to talk to Edgerrin James last week and chit chat about his strip club in Miami and all the great things he’s doing down in South Florida,” McAfee said.

Patrick stopped McAfee there, asking how a strip club was helping the community.

“That’s for the adults. He’s giving back to the adults with his adult ballet, and for the children, he basically fosters an entire community down there. Like, 180 kids come through his house in the summer. He takes care of them, kind of mentors them, and then at night he’s taking care of all the adults with a good dance routine. You know, it’s a great thing he’s got going on down there.”

Sure enough, James just opened what he describes as an “upscale” strip club in Miami, according to TMZ.

Philanthropist by day, entrepreneur by night; that’s sort of like the Bruce Wayne/Batman dynamic, except with strip clubs.

Regardless, not a bad way to spend retirement.

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