Patrick Mahomes

Even after suffering a high ankle sprain during last week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s clear that Patrick Mahomes fully intends to play in this week’s AFC title game showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals. But even though he’s processing well in his rehab process, it’s clear that he will be limited in some capacity during this weekend’s game, and Mahomes talked about that on Wednesday.

This ankle sprain is a similar injury to the one Patrick Mahomes suffered during the 2019 season when he returned to the field a week later, though head coach Andy Reid said it’s less severe. The big difference is, the injury is to a different ankle. And during a press conference Wednesday, Mahomes talked about how each injury affects him.

“Especially when you have different ankles at the quarterback position, you’re planting and throwing off different stuff,” Mahomes said according to Pro Football Talk. “So, the last one, it was the leg that I landed on, so I had to find other ways to throw where I could land and keep it in the right spot. This time, I’ll have to find ways to be able to push off and still be able to make throws the right ways. So, definitely similar in a sense but different limitations and stuff that I’ll have to work through.”

Mahomes is returning to practice on Wednesday and will begin testing his ankle to prepare for Sunday. It’s a near guarantee that he’s going to play. Now, it’s just a question of how effective and mobile he’ll be.

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