Patrick Mahomes discusses ankle injury after win over Jaguars. Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields was pretty blunt in his press conference when he admitted that he felt as though he was playing “robotic” and that he was overthinking things on the field, blaming the coaches at least in part. And Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has some words of advice.

During his press conference this week, Patrick Mahomes had a press clear and simple message for Justin Fields: “trust your instincts.”

“Trust your talent. Trust your instincts,” Mahomes said in his press conference according to Pro Football Talk. “He’s here for a reason. He’s made a lot of big plays happen in the NFL and college, wherever he’s been.

“Just trusting in your instincts and then go out there be the player you’ve always been — just not against us hopefully,” Mahomes added with a laugh.

Mahomes has obviously made his entire NFL career out of trusting his instincts, and it has led him to many highlight plays and helped him evolve into the top quarterback in the league early in his career.

It sounds like he thinks Fields should take a page out of his book and just trust what got him to the league in the first place.

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