The big announcement on Monday was that this year’s version of The Match will be an NFL quarterback showdown pitting two young stars (Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen) against two legends at the tail-end of their NFL careers (Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers). Naturally, the age gap was going to make for some solid ribbing material and it looks like the shots have already started.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback came out swinging on Monday, saying that he and Allen should have no problem winning against “old Tom and old Aaron.”

“I think the reason we’re going to win is, we’re going to be able to play the course a little differently than old Tom and old Aaron over there,” joked Mahomes. “They’re going to be playing it nice and easy. They might get us on a couple of par 3s and stuff like that, but whenever we can really open it up and use the drivers it’s going to be nice to be able to use our little wedges while they’re using their six irons. That’ll help us a little bit.”

Obviously, the 26-year-old Mahomes is having some fun with the age difference between the two sides, but there’s always room for those in the NFL world to react very strongly, especially when it comes to people who love the 44-year-old Brady and 38-year-old Rodgers.

Mahomes may want to pace himself on the smack talk. Brady proved the last time he participated in The Match that he might be “old” but he’s still Tom Brady.

The sixth edition of The Match will air Wednesday, June 1st in primetime on TNT.

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