It’s a new era for the New England Patriots and while their longtime quarterback is off to Tampa Bay, now’s a better time than any to unveil a new look. The whole thing became more of a coincidence since this had been in the works for a couple years but the end result is a more sharper look that we have already seen.

The Patriots revealed what they will be wearing this upcoming season (whenever that may be) and in a rather unique move, the team decided to keep their alternate uniform and make them the new home design. The main change is that gray is out, in terms of shoulder stripes and pants, and has been replaced with red and white stripes with blue pants. The away design is modeled after the new home uniform with a primarily white jersey with the same blue pants.

Sometimes the best move is to figure out what works and what doesn’t and improve on what you already have. The gray and blue uniforms the Patriots had weren’t bad but as the alternates proved, there was room for improvement. And if the alternates were great, there’s no need to improve on them so it makes sense for that to be the standard.

The Patriots are the fourth team to change their uniforms this offseason after the Buccaneers, Falcons, and Browns. The Patriots may not have changed their design in the traditional sense but it looked good so good on them for moving it up in the rotation.

[New England Patriots/Photo: @Patriots]

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