What would you do if you received a chicken head mixed in with your order of wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (or anywhere else for that matter?) Perhaps you would reconsider eating meat all together.

Or at least that is the hope of PETA, who sent Green Bay Packers tight end Jared Cook a package of meatless wings. This comes on the heels of Cook tweeting out a picture of the chicken head he received at BWW’s this past week during the Packers bye week.

Naturally, the stunt came with a press release from the animal activist group:

“Chickens are sensitive, intelligent animals who have the same ability to feel pain as dogs, cats, and humans, and the one you discovered had likely been dumped into a fryer while still conscious. Now, before you block that image from your mind, be a champion for both the Packers and chickens this season by leaving chickens off your plate next time you rush out for a meal.”

Interestingly enough, Cook has been thinking of going vegetarian for some time now. It has been encouraged by his wife, who is vegetarian.

Cook told ESPN.com’s Rob Demovsky that his path to vegetarianism has been stalled out by his love for chicken wings.

“Seeing as how it’s one of my favorite foods, I don’t see how I can give that up,” he said. “My wife is a vegetarian, and she’s strongly encouraging I become one now.

“I think it’s good advice. Eventually, I will become one, but not right now.”

We’re guessing that the chicken head incident accelerates that “eventually” process just a bit.

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