Geno Smith and Drew Lock Jun 7, 2022; Renton, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith (7) and quarterback Drew Lock (2) return to the locker room following minicamp practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While we still don’t know exactly who will be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season, head coach Pete Carroll has made it very clear who he thinks the “No. 1″ quarterback on the roster is and has been.

“Geno [Smith] has been the number-one guy the whole time,” Carroll told reporters on Thursday. “He’s held onto it.”

After the Seahawks traded Russell Wilson, they had to choose between returning veteran Geno Smith and newcomer Drew Lock. Smith was given the “early edge” over Lock as he was more familiar with the team and system. However, Lock “surprised” Carroll with his command of the system and he was named the starter for one of the preseason games. However, he missed that game after testing positive for COVID-19.

While Carroll has said he has no timeline for deciding who the starter will be, he’s also said that the Seahawks have a situation where they “may have two No. 1 QBs,” he’s also put Smith front and center when it matters most, including the final preseason game.

By all accounts, it sounds like Smith will be the starter when the Seahawks host the Denver Broncos on Monday, September 12. We’re just waiting on the official announcement.

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